Trams in Wrocław Poland, Part I (Tramwaje we Wrocławiu)

Photographer: Luftschlange.
Language: Polish.
Date: September 15, 2014.
City: Wrocław (Poland).

The video shows

Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne we Wrocławiu (MPK Wrocław)
Tram line 8.
Tram line 9.
Tram line 11, in the direction towards Kromera.
Tram line 17.
Tram line 14 (closed), in the direction towards FAT.


This is the first episode of a series featuring the tram system of Wrocław in Poland.

Wrocław is the 4th largest city of Poland. Its extensive tram network has a track length of 84km which is served by 20 lines, resulting in a total of 250km line length. It is quite dense. Around the downtown area, there are tram tracks almost everywhere, and they reach quite far into the outskirts on some lines.

The majority of the fleet consists of Konstal 105Na vehicles and their modernized pendants Konstal Protram 105NWr. However, there are also some low floor vehicles, namely Protram WrAs 204 and 205, and also some newer Škoda 16T and 19T articulated trams.

The first part of this series focuses on the downtown area. The film starts at Galeria Dominikańska, which is a quite busy intersection. We then head north toward Hala Targowa, where there are some nice bridges over the Odra river. The film then shows several scenes around Rynek (a quite busy station) and the single-track line that runs through the city centre, before we go to Plac Bema (another busy intersection). We then follow the tracks toward Plac Grunwaldzki (yet another busy intersection), where the first part concludes.

Index to the film:

00:00 – Galeria Dominikańska
01:20 – Plac Nowy Targ
02:01 – Hala Targowa
02:36 – Most Piaskowy
03:43 – Most Pomorski
04:31 – Rynek
06:31 – Świdnicka
06:54 – Wita Stwosza
07:30 – Uniwersytecka
08:02 – Plac Bema
09:28 – Sienkiewicza
09:51 – Ogród Botaniczny
11:00 – Katedra
11:53 – Szczytnicka
12:21 – Plac Grunwaldzki

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