Trams in Vienna / Még egy kis bécsi villamosozás

User: hamsterhamster2002.
Language: German.
Date: Marz 22nd, 2013.
City: Vienna (Austria).

The video shows

Wiener Linien
Tram line 60.
Tram line 10.
Articulated tram 4024, type E2, on tram line D, in the direction towards Nußdorf, interconnected with
Sidecar 1424, manufacturer Düwag, type c5.
Tram line 18.
Tram line 6, in the direction towards Burggasse-Stadthalle.


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Négy helyszín: Lainzer Strasse, Schlossallee, Burgring, és a Westbahnhof környéke, utóbbi a délutáni csúcsban
Snowing along tram 60, near castle Schnönbrunn, on the Ring and scenes of the evening rush-hour at Westbahnhof.

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