Tram videos from Tours

There are 6 tram videos from Tours (France).

[Tours] Alstom Citadis 402 - Liberté (Ligne A)
User: BillyFlorian.
Language: French.
Date: Marz 2, 2014.

Dans les coulisses du tramway de Tours (épisode 04/04)
User: France 3 Centre-Val de Loire.
Language: French.
Date: February 7, 2019.

Le Tramway de Tours - The most impressive & beautiful tram in the world!
User: Dotaku.
Language: French.
Date: October 1, 2013.

Letbane i Tours
User: Aalborg Kommune.
Language: Danish.
Date: Marz 27, 2014.

Tramway de Tours
User: ErebosSan.
Language: French.
Date: June 7, 2015.

Tramway de Tours (2)
User: Funimag.
Language: French.
Date: June 25, 2015.

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