Sporvogns museet - The Tram Museum

User: Niels Hoffmeyer.
Language: Danish.
Date: 2010.
City: Skjoldenæsholm (Denmark).

The video shows

Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum
Railcar 1, manufacturer KS/Scandia, type AAS, serie 1-20, on museum line 1000 mm, signed line 1, in the direction towards Marienlund.
Railcar 965, on museum line 1435 mm, signed line 16, in the direction towards Gardiner.
Railcar 17, manufacturer Falkenried/Larsen, serie 1-18, on museum line 1435 mm.
Railcar 203 (Leipzig), type SM83, on museum line 1435 mm.
Railcar 275, manufacturer Scandia, type Hovedtype, serie 245-287, on museum line 1435 mm, in the direction towards Dyrehaven, interconnected with
Sidecar 1253, manufacturer Scandia, serie 412-436.
Railcar 74, manufacturer General Motors, type G Mustang.
Railcar 213, manufacturer BBC/SIG/SWS, type Be 2/2, signed line 2.
Railcar 50, manufacturer Falkenried/N. Larsen/Vulcan, type Frederiksberg Sporveje.
Articulated tram 2412, manufacturer Düwag/Klepe, type GT6-6xGl-ER, serie 2401-2420, signed line 2, in the direction towards Sundbyv. Pl.


A visit to the Tram museum at Skjoldenæsholm in Denmark.

Et besøg på Sporvognsmuseet ved Skjoldenæsholm, Vestsjælland.

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