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Spårvagn Linje 1 (Tram nr 1 in Gothenburg)

User: dreamscapegbg.
Language: Swedish.
Date: May 28, 2012.
City: Gothenburg (Sweden).

The video shows

Göteborgs Spårvägar (GS)
Tram line 1.


Interested in the music? See below...

Linje 1 från Tynnered till Östra sjukhuset.
Hållplatsstoppen e bortklippta och filmen e upspeedad 300%.
Filmat i Maj 2012.

Tram line number 1 in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Starts in Tynnered and finish at Östra Sjukhuset.
Film is edited without the passenger stops and increased to 300% speed. 
Filmed in May 2012.

The music on my videos is my own creations and are free to use for anyone as long is for NON-PROFIT use and credits are shown as DreamscapeGBG. just send me a pm on where you use it. How to download the music? My music is only available on these videos. You can use Real player to download and separate the audio from video.

Spårvagn Linje 1 (Tram nr 1 in Gothenburg)

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