Videos of trams in Sintra

There are 5 videos of trams and light rails in Sintra (Portugal) on Tram Travels.

Cab ride eléctrico de Sintra 21 Mai 2017Cab ride eléctrico de Sintra 21 Mai 2017By António Marques.
May 21, 2017.
CEC Sintra NatalCEC Sintra NatalBy cecferro.
December 11, 2016.
Eléctrico de SintraEléctrico de SintraBy Matthew Geier.
September 7, 2014.
Eléctrico Sintra - Praia das MaçãsEléctrico Sintra - Praia das MaçãsBy VideoFolke.
November 2012.
Electrico Sintra Tramway 100724 JohnMarksElectrico Sintra Tramway 100724 JohnMarksBy JoaoMarques1.
July 24, 2010.

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Last updated: November 17, 2022.