Videos of trams in Porto

There are 5 videos of trams and light rails in Porto (Portugal) on Tram Travels.

Straßenbahnen in Porto im Nov 2012Straßenbahnen in Porto im Nov 2012By QueenMary2151.
November 2012.
Eléctricos do Porto - Portos vintage tramsEléctricos do Porto - Portos vintage tramsBy BaslerDraemmli.
April 7, 2011.
Porto Trams and Metro Part 1Porto Trams and Metro Part 1By railsites.
September 30, 2010.
22 - a nova linha de eléctricos do Porto22 - a nova linha de eléctricos do PortoBy ehgarde.
November 4, 2007.
Portos Trams 2007Portos Trams 2007By referee2999.

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Last updated: November 17, 2022.