Norrköping Tramways, part 10, Söder Tull III

User: LeifSpangberg.
Language: Swedish.
Date: Marz 23, 2012.
City: Norrköping (Sweden).

The video shows

Low-floor articulated tram 35 (Georg "Åby" Ericson), manufacturer Bombardier, type M06, on tram line 3, in the direction towards Vidablick.
Articulated tram 66 (Braunschweig), manufacturer Düwag/Klepe, type M94, on tram line 3, in the direction towards Klockaretorpet.
Railcar 87 (Murmansk), type M67K, on tram line 2, in the direction towards Fridvalla.


Trams around Söder Tull in Norrköping, Sweden

Spårvagnar vid Söder Tull i Norrköping

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