National Tramway Museum '1940s Event' 2011 Part 1/2

User: HomeMoviePerson.
Language: English.
Date: April 24, 2011 to April 25, 2011.
City: Crich (United Kingdom).

The video shows

Crich Tramway Village
Railcar 399, on museum line.
Railcar 812, on museum line.
Railcar 40, on museum line.
Railcar 3006, manufacturer Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk Berlin-Schöneweide (RAW), type Reko, signed line 60.
Railcar 60, signed line B2.


Part 1/2. Scenes from the National Tramway Museum's '1940s Event' held over the 24th and 25th April 2011 in Crich, Derbyshire. This video takes a look at the event on the 25th April 2011.

Featured working trams are London Transport tram 1622, Blackpool 'Standard' tram 40, Glasgow tram 22, Glasgow tram 812, Southampton tram 45, Berlin tram 3006, Leeds tram 399 and Cardiff 'Water Car' 131.

Many sights were to be seen including a large number of vintage trams 'ready for war' in operation, military/civilian vehicles and personnel, 1940s displays, the tram depot (including the repair bay), main street and tram terminus, marching demonstrations, parade of vehicles and the 'Century of Trams' exhibition.

The main sights to be seen and included in this video are a ride on Glasgow tram 22 the entire length of the line, the parade of personnel and vehicles from the 1940s, Cardiff 'Water Car' cleaning the running lines, the running of Southampton 45 - the first tramcar saved for preservation with unique 'knifeboard seating' arrangement and the many vehicles and trams on display and in the depot.

Comprehensive film from the entire sight, filmed from many angles and places during the day, covering all the action from this 1940s event.

National Tramway Museum '1940s Event' 2011 Part 1/2

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