Museumsgastronomie Dresden 1900 am Neumarkt in Dresden

User: Treinenfotos.
Language: German.
Date: September 12th, 2011.
City: Dresden (Germany).

The video shows

Museumsgastronomie Dresden 1900
Established railcar 296, with advertising of Museumsgastronomie Dresden 1900.


* Dresden 1900 is located in the heart of Dresden, on the Neumarkt, vis-a-vis the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche). 
The museum restaurant gives an insight into the life of the Dresdner and your traffic history (n) early 1900's.
In the object of Postplatz is represented with its adjacent buildings early 1900's.
Dresden in 1900 and has about 240 seats and is located within walking distance of most attractions and museums in the city of Dresden.
We also have separate rooms, decorated with different themes, from 30 to 100 people you can always book for a celebration or an event for you. We want to indulge on the one hand with Saxon cuisine in 1900, on the other, with creations of modern German cuisine.
You want a program? No problem, let us know your wishes and we will arrange everything for you!
Your Schaffner from Dresden 1900

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