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Bergen Bybanen Tramway, Norway, June 2017
Language: Norwegian.
Date: June 2017.
City: Bergen (Norway).

Brussels / Bruxelles Trams, November 2010
Language: Dutch.
Date: November 2010.
City: Brussels (Belgium).

Florence ~ Firenze Trams June 2016
Language: Italian.
Date: June 2016.
City: Florence (Italy).

Grenoble Trams / Tramway de Grenoble, January 2011
Language: French.
Date: January 2011.
City: Grenoble (France).

Istanbul Modern Trams 2010
Language: Turkish.
Date: July 2nd, 2010.
City: Istanbul (Turkey).

Nice Tramway Line 2 at the Airport, April 2019
Language: French.
Date: April 2019.
City: Nice (France).

Odessa Trams and Trolleybus, June 2012
Language: Ukrainian.
Date: June 18th, 2012.
City: Odessa (Ukraine).

Roma Tramvia ~ Rome Trams, June 2011
Language: Italian.
Date: June 2011.
City: Rome (Italy).

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