Luxtram | Luxembourg Tramway | Tram | 2020 | CAF Urbos

User: Rail Public Transport.
Language: French.
Date: January 22nd, 2020.
City: Luxembourg (Luxembourg).

The video shows

Tram line Luxtram.


Luxtram | Luxembourg Tramway | Tram | 2020 | CAF Urbos

Luxtram is the new tram for Luxembourg City opened in December 2017.
It runs from Luxexpo to Stäreplaz / Étoile.
By 2021 the tram line will run from Aéroport de Luxembourg-Findel to Cloche-d'Or.
Luxtram uses CAF Urbos 100 trams, the same as in Amsterdam and Utrecht.
From Luxexpo to Rout Bréck – Pafendall the tram uses catenary and between Rout Bréck – Pafendall and Stäreplaz / Étoile they dont use catenary but batteries inside the tram, wich are charged from the ground at every tram stop.


Alphonse Weicker
Nationalbibliothéik - Bibliothèque nationale
Europaparlament / Parlement européen
Philharmonie - Mudam
Rout Bréck – Pafendall
Stäreplaz / Étoile

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