Hamburger Straßenbahn fährt noch - in Dänemark

User: stbtram.
Language: German.
Date: June 25th, 2016.
City: Hamburg (Germany) and Skjoldenæsholm (Denmark).

The video shows

Hamburger Hochbahn (HHA)
Tram line 3 (closed), in the direction towards Eidelstedt.
Railcar 3608, manufacturer Falkenried, type V6E, on tram line 9 (closed).
Tram line 2 (closed).

Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum
Railcar 36, manufacturer HAWA/Siemens, on museum line 1000 mm, signed line 3.
Railcar 3657, manufacturer Falkenried, type V6E, on museum line 1435 mm, signed line 4, in the direction towards Niendorf, with advertising of IDEE - KAFFE.
Established sidecar 54, manufacturer KS/Scandia, type AAS, serie 41-59.
Railcar 437, manufacturer Scandia, type KS, serie 422-446, signed line 20, in the direction towards Toftegårds Pl.
Railcar 797, manufacturer RAW, type Reko, signed line 4.
Railcar 327, manufacturer Scandia, serie 315-339, signed line 9, in the direction towards Holmbladsg.
Railcar 22, manufacturer F. S. Schultz, on museum line 1435 mm, signed line 3, in the direction towards Charlottenl, interconnected with
Sidecar 283, manufacturer Scandia, serie 412-436.
Articulated tram 2410, manufacturer Düwag/Klepe, type GT6-6xGl-ER, serie 2401-2420, signed Cafevogn.
Railcar 587, manufacturer KS, type Bogiemotorvogn, on museum line 1435 mm, signed line 7, in the direction towards Kg. Nytorv.
Railcar 203 (Leipzig), type SM83, on museum line 1435 mm, signed line 11.

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