Gråkallbanen- Most northerly tram system- Lian to Trondheim- Minutt for minutt!

Photographer: Daniel Parrott.
Language: Norwegian.
Date: April 2017.
City: Trondheim (Norway).

The video shows

Gråkallbanen in Trondheim (GB)
Tram line 9, Gråkallbanen.


Here is a previously unpublished video I took from Lian to Trondheim on the utterly charming tramway at Trondheim, the Gråkallbanen in April 2017. The last minute is from another trip as I had finger problems with my camera!! . This is now the most northerly tram system in the world, with the most northerly tram stop!
The tramway is run by Boreal, with a small but very friendly team of staff, who do a fine job of keeping the system running.
As well as supporting commuters from the Trondheim suburbs, its aim is very Norwegian- to run out of the city and get lost in the forest! The terminus is at a very popular hiking and skiing area.
This video is a bit rough. I tried to use stabilisation, but it just made it worse. However, travelling in this direction shows the steep gradients more clearly.
Sorry about the lack of "d" in the title screen!! I pronounce it correctly (as they do in Norway) with a silent "d" and I got caught out with my spelling!

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