Gothenburg Trams / Göteborgs Spårvagnar, Högsbotorp, chapter 23 of 33

User: LeifSpangberg.
Language: Swedish.
Date: May 2012.
City: Gothenburg (Sweden).

The video shows

Göteborgs Spårvägar (GS)
Tram line 2.
Railcar 855 "Jens Mattiasson", manufacturer Hägglund, type M29, serie 801-860, signed L 7.
Tram line 1 (Ringlinien), in the direction towards Östra Sjukhuset.
Tram line 7.
Signed L 8, in the direction towards Angered


Trams around in Gothenburg, may 2012.

- Trams in the 700 series are class M28, built in the mid-sixties by ASEA and ASJ (Sweden)
- Trams in the 800 series are class M29, built in the early seventies by Hägglund & Söner (Sweden)
- Trams in the 300 series are class M31, built in the mid-eighties by ASEA (Sweden), as originnaly M21. Renumbered and rebuilt, adding a lowfloor midsection, around 1999-2001.
- Trams in the 400 series are class M32, built by Ansaldo (Italy), delivery started in 2004.

Normalgauge, 1435 mm. Rolling stock is approx 200 trams.

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