ASVI Thuin 2018

User: Jean Chachkoff.
Language: French.
Date: August 22nd, 2018.
City: Thuin (Belgium).

The video shows

Tramway Historique Lobbes-Thuin
Railcar A.9515, type M2 Le Roeulx, on museum line, signed line 10.
Sidecar 19220, type Brabart E2 SNCV, on museum line.
Railcar AR.86, type Autorail SCCV Brabant, on museum line, signed line 20A.
Railcar ART.300, type Autorail-Tracteur SNCV Andenne, on museum line, in the direction towards Tournai.
Railcar 10284, manufacturer Braine-le-Comte, type Eugies M4.
Sidecar A.2026.
Railcar 10308, type Standard Métallique M4 Baume et Marpent, on museum line, signed line 92.
Railcar 9924, type La Dyla á Louvai, on museum line, signed line 37.
Railcar 10409, type PCC La Brugeoise & Nicaise & Delcuve, on museum line, signed line 60.


Quelques images du festival 2018 de l'ASVI (Association de Sauvegarde du Vicinal) à Thuin Belgique.
Some images of the 2018 festival of ASVI (Association of Safeguarding the Vicinal) at Thuin Belgium.

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