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Ansaldo Breda type Sirio trams at Athens-Piraeus

User: basilis1967.
Language: Greek.
Date: November 11, 2012.
City: Athens (Greece).

The video shows

Athens Tram
Tram line 5 Green.
Tram line 4 Red.
Tram line 3 Blue.


Italian built by ANSALDO BREDA & styled by "pininfarina" low-floor trams type SIRIO.
Routes named after ancient Greeks:
THOUKIDIDIS (3) Stadium of Peace & Friendship - Voula.
ARISTOTELIS (4) Sintagma - Stadium of Peace & Friendship.
PLATONAS (5) Sintagma - Voula.

Ansaldo Breda type Sirio trams at Athens-Piraeus

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