Alexander og famillien på Skjoldenæsholm 2010

User: Kim Schwalbe.
Language: Danish.
Date: July 20th, 2010.
City: Skjoldenæsholm (Denmark).

The video shows

Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum
Railcar 22, manufacturer F. S. Schultz, on museum line 1435 mm, signed line 3, in the direction towards Strandboulev, interconnected with
Open sidecar 389, manufacturer Scandia, type Åben bivogn, serie 201-220,251-270.
Railcar 12, manufacturer ASEA, on museum line 1435 mm.
Grinder car 3241, manufacturer Van der Zypen & Charlier.
Railcar 824, manufacturer La Brugeoise, serie 821-830, on museum line 1435 mm, signed line 11, in the direction towards Schev.Strand, with advertising of 7up.
Railcar 74, manufacturer General Motors, type G Mustang, signed line 4, in the direction towards Gustav Adolfs torv.
Railcar 470, manufacturer KS, type Scrapmotorvogn, signed line 5, in the direction towards Husum.
Railcar 275, manufacturer Scandia, type Hovedtype, signed line 8.
Railcar 1, manufacturer KS/Scandia, type AAS, serie 1-20, on museum line 1000 mm, signed line 2.

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