Woltersdorf Tramway (germany) - nostalgic trams

YouTube name: Timosha21.
Language: German.
Date: August 28, 2011.
City: Woltersdorf (Germany).

The video shows

Woltersdorfer Straßenbahn (WS)

Woltersdorf tram line 87

Woltersdorf railcar 32 (ex Dessau railcar 44), manufacturer VEB Waggonbau Gotha, type Gotha/Lew, length 10.00 m, weight 12.0 t, manufactured 1956, power output 60 kW, signed Rahnsdorf (Bhf).

Woltersdorf railcar 30 (ex Schwerin railcar 22), manufacturer VEB Waggonbau Gotha, type T59ER, signed Woltersdorf Schleuse.


The two tram lines 87 and 88 are not BVG, which run in the municipalities of Woltersdorf, Schöneiche and Rüdersdorf (in the Land of Brandenburg), due to the fact that are partly located in suburban areas of Berlin, i.e. Rahnsdorf and Friedrichshagen, are partly shown in BVG tramway maps and suddenly considered de facto part of Berliner Tramway Net.

Woltersdorf Tramway (germany) - nostalgic trams

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