Tri-Met MAX - Portland Oregon - Light Rail Works!

YouTube name: magicjackatx adventures.
Language: English.
Date: April 2011.
City: Portland (United States).

The video shows

Metropolitan Area Express (MAX)

Portland regional line Red: Beaverton - Airport

Portland regional line Yellow: Portland State University - Expo Center


Video by JPM©Cabe
Leica V Lux 1

A smattering of short takes in downtown Portland, mostly along 5th Ave and some crosstown streets. At the end a short trip out of town to the end of the FREE zone.
All the TRI MET system is free around and in the city.
NOTE: The TRI MET MAX driver controls the traffic lights at the intersections from controls in his cab. Ride is comfortable, clean, and sociable.
Note the streets in the city are jammed up with cars and traffic, and how clean the city is as well.

Portland, Oregon Proves that Light Rail Works for America!
A city that is decades ahead with mass transit in the US.

Tri-Met MAX - Portland Oregon - Light Rail Works!

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Last updated: November 18, 2022.