Trams / Light rail at Tampere pt2

YouTube name: Syksy's transit agency.
Language: Finnish.
Date: July 21, 2022.
City: Tampere (Finland).

The video shows

Tampere Tram

3Tampere tram line 3: Santalahti - Hervantajärvi


Welcome to part 2 of the Tampere tram / light rail ''series''. If all goes to plan, the last part / parts will be out in a month or so, when i get time to record and all that. I really do enjoy the trams but filming takes a while since im not a local.

This video focuses on the Hakametsä and Sammonaukio stops, completing the 3 filming between Sammonaukio and Hervanta. This video is more urban where tram speeds are lower and stops are closer to eachother. I hope you enjoy!

The last part / parts will focus on line 1 and the rest of line 3. As said, they will come out when filming finishes. Thankyou again for the support this channel has been getting and I hope you enjoy!

Trams / Light rail at Tampere pt2

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