Tram compilation around the tram stop Riensberg

New video - February 22, 2024

YouTube name: TramspotterHB.
Language: German.
Date: February 1, 2024.
City: Bremen (Germany).

The video shows

Bremer Straßenbahn (BSAG)

6Bremen tram line 6: Flughafen-Süd - Universität-Nord

8Bremen tram line 8: Huchting Roland-Center - Kulenkampffallee

Bremen low-floor articulated tram 3125, manufacturer Bombardier, type Flexity Classic (GT8N-1), series 3100, length 34.40 m, manufactured 2005-2006, with 105 seats and 127 standing places, 4 engines, power output 125 kW, max speed 70 km/t, in the direction of Huchting Roland-Center.


This video has been shot at the tram stop Riensberg on 27th of January 2024. Normally the only tram line that moves around here is the number 6.

Tram compilation around the tram stop Riensberg

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