The Way We Move - Tampere Tramway | Nysse

YouTube name: Tampereen Ratikka.
Language: Finnish.
Date: October 24, 2022.
City: Tampere (Finland).

The video shows

Tampere Tram

3Tampere tram line 3: Santalahti - Hervantaj├Ąrvi


See how public transport and way of sustainable movement have changed in the Tampere region, when the tram has become part of the completely new public transport system. ­čÜî­čÜő­čÜâ­čÜ▓

This film about Tampere regional transport Nysse is part of the new online series The Way We Move, which contains inspiring transporting stories filmed around the world.

The series is presented by UITP (International Association of Public Transport). Our video was produced for Nysse by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions.

The Way We Move - Tampere Tramway | Nysse

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