Straßenbahn Budapest: Der Typ DUEWAG Tw6000 ex-Hannover

YouTube name: Klingl3r.
Language: Hungarian.
Date: November 12, 2010.
City: Budapest (Hungary).

The video shows

Budapesti Közlekedési Vállalat (BKV)

62ABudapest extra line 62A: Kőbánya alsó vasútállomás - Rákospalota, MÁV-telep

3Budapest tram line 3: Mexikói út - Gubacsi út / Határ út

62Budapest tram line 62: Rákospalota, MÁV-telep - Blaha Lujza tér M

Signed Blaha Lujza tér.

69Budapest tram line 69: Mexikói út - Újpalota, Erdőkerülő utca

Signed Erdőkerülő utca.


The tram type Tw6000 was build from 1974 on for the light rail/metro tram system of Hannover. The first series(100 cars) came from DUEWAG, the later ones from LHB in lower saxony. After the EXPO 2000 the ÜSTRA(local transport company of Hannover) offered the first series for sale because they got enough of the new type Tw2000 for service. The BKV Budapest was interested in a not so pricey but good second hand tram type for their network so they bought most cars of the first series, some of the for getting spare parts. In Budapest they got the new numbers 1500-1575(the old numbers are still inside the trams). They got a new livery in orange, the doors got a closing signal and the door closing automatik was disabled.

Although the trams can be used in traction they only operate as single trams in passenger service.

Länge / length: 28,28 m.
Breite / width: 2,4 m.
Höhe / heigth: 3,3 m.
Leistung / power: 2x217 kw.
Fahrgastkapazität / passenger capacity: 46 Sitzplätze / seats, 104 Stehplätze / standing.

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Straßenbahn Budapest: Der Typ DUEWAG Tw6000 ex-Hannover

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