Spårvagnar/Trolleys/Trams in Lund, Sweden - Dec 2022 - 4k60

YouTube name: Trainspotting in Sweden.
Language: Swedish.
Date: December 13, 2022.
City: Lund (Sweden).

The video shows

Lunds spårväg

1Lund tram line 1: ESS - Lund C

Lund low-floor articulated tram 05 (Inferno), manufacturer CAF, type L1, series 01-07, width 2.65 m, length 33.00 m, weight 41.0 t, manufactured 2020, with 40 seats and 160 standing places, 8 engines, power output 70 kW, max speed 70 km/t, in the direction of Lund Centralstation, painted Skånetrafiken LundaExpressen.


Lund's trolley/tramway system opened in December 2020. It was the first new trolley system in Sweden since 1911. It is now one of four Swedish cities with trolleys, alongside Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Norrköping.

The current Lund network includes nine stations and 5.5km of double track running from Lund Central Station to ESS - European Spallation Source.

The trolleys are Spanish CAF Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles Urbos 100/3.

Video shot in 4k60 in Lund, Sweden on the 6th and 7th of December 2022.

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0:04 - At Solbjer station Saxo Grammaticus and Inferno meet.
4:44 - Brunnshögstorget Station.
6:56 - Aboard a trolley.
7:14 - Telefonplan Station.
7:19 - LTH Station.
7:44 - Lund C Station.
8:22 - Views around Lund's picturesque streets, including the house where August Strindberg lived when he wrote Inferno, the namesake of one of the trolleys.
8:51 - The incredible cathedral built in the 1100s.
9:51 - Lund C.
10:28 - BONUS - GMJS - Göteborg Modelljärnvägssällskap / The Gothenburg Model Railway Society's incredible 0-scale model railroad in Gothenburg includes a street section with a familiar Gothenburg sight of an M5 trolley. That model was delivered in the 1920s and was common through the 1950s.

Spårvagnar/Trolleys/Trams in Lund, Sweden - Dec 2022 - 4k60

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