Historické tramvaje v Ostravě - Historical trams in Ostrava

YouTube name: OstravaCzechRepublic.
Language: Czech.
Date: March 19, 2011.
City: Ostrava (Czech Republic).

The video shows

Dopravní podnik Ostrava (DPO)

13Ostrava tram line 13: Zábřeh - Hranečník


History of public transport in Ostrava.
Public transportation is an integral part of every modern city. Its development is always closely linked with economic and political developments throughout the region. Was no exception and is in Ostrava. Also, there are quiet periods alternated with less calm, which is obviously reflected in the transport sector. The history of public transport in Ostrava are generally divided into the following periods:

The beginnings of urban transport in Austria-Hungary (1894 - 1918).
The peaceful years of the First Republic (1918 - 1938).
Hard times of change (1938 - 1948).
Public transport for the construction of socialism (1948 - 1960).
Period buses (1960 - 1978).
Return to electric traction (1978 - 1989).
Public transport in the new conditions (1989 -).

Historické tramvaje v Ostravě - Historical trams in Ostrava

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