Djurgårdslinjen - old trams in Stockholm

YouTube name: ErebosSan.
Language: Swedish.
Date: September 1, 2012.
City: Stockholm (Sweden).

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Djurgårdslinjen 7N
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Stockholm Djurgårdslinjen 7N: Norrmalmstorg - Waldemarsudde

Stockholm railcar 76, manufacturer ASEA, UEG, type A1, series 1-21, width 2.18 m, length 7.10 m, weight 10.3 t, manufactured 1901, with 18 seats and 23 standing places, in the direction of Skansen, interconnected with:
Stockholm sidecar 846, type B19.


Djurgårdslinjen is a tramway line (7N) in Stockholm where old trams run among modern trams. Djurgårdslinjen 7N.
Djurgårdslinjen est une ligne de tramway (7N) à Stockholm où des anciens trams circulent parmi les rames modernes.

Djurgårdslinjen - old trams in Stockholm

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Last updated: November 18, 2022.