Blackpool Tramway 131st Anniversary Celebrations - Saturday 24th September 2016

YouTube name: Videography by gregster295.
Language: English.
Date: September 24, 2016.
City: Blackpool (United Kingdom).

The video shows

Blackpool Transport

Blackpool Heritage Trams: Starr Gate - Fleetwood Ferry

Blackpool railcar 600 (ex Blackpool railcar 225), type Open Boats.

Blackpool railcar 717, type Balloon Cars.

Blackpool railcar 723, type Balloon Cars, signed Heritage Tour.

Blackpool railcar 648, type Centenary Car, signed Private.


Glad to be back doing railways on this channel, and kicking off with a cracker. This will be divided into two videos due to the sheer amount of action going on during the two days!

Around this time last year, Blackpool Tramway celebrated 130 years since the tramway first opened in 1885. Last year, they put on without a doubt, the best tramway event Blackpool Tramway has seen for a long time. Plenty of trams out and plenty going on. This year, Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours promised an event even better than last year and boy did they deliver! Like last year, plenty of trams came out (both stored and active) and plenty of course was going on during the first day alone.

I was also privileged to be able to do tours of BOTH Rigby Road and Starr Gate depots. I booked my place on the first tour of the morning, the 10am and got to finally do something I have wanted do for years. These tours are included straight after the departures of the trams from Rigby Road, opened by the head of heritage, Bryan Lindop.

So many trams featured during this event. Trams at Rigby Road included some examples not seen for years, recent arrivals and of course, the usual fleet.

We see the trams at Rigby Road, Blundell Street, around the promenade and onboard various trams during the afternoon. We also sadly see Twin Set 2 at North Pier, being dragged back to base after it catching fire at Gynn Square. Taken Saturday 24th September 2016.

Blackpool Tramway 131st Anniversary Celebrations - Saturday 24th September 2016

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