Vienna service vehicle ML 452

Wiener Linien
Delivered 1904: Service vehicle ML 452, manufacturer Simmering, type Materiallastwagen.

Vienna service vehicle ML 452 at the depot Aßmayergasse.

Oberbauwerkstätte Aßmayergasse.
Wagenhalle of the company station Fuchsenfeld or Meidling of the former New Viennese tramway company.
Material truck ML 452, later 6102, built 1904 in Simmering.
The car remained unenclosed and was stamped out in 1954.

Vienna service vehicle ML 452 at the depot Aßmayergasse
Photographer: Wiener Verkehrsbetriebe.
Publisher: Verlag Peter Pospischil.

Service vehicle 6102, manufacturer Simmering, type Materiallastwagen.

Withdrawn: 1954.

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