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  1. Frankfurt am Main articulated tram 804 on extra line V (Messe) at the stop Hauptbahnhof (1990)
  2. Berlin tram line 92 in the intersection Tauentzientraße/Nürnberger Straße (1930)
  3. Frankfurt am Main tram line 15 at the stop Hauptwadre (1950)
  4. Zürich articulated tram 1802 on tram line 11 on the street Kreuzbühlstrasse (1979)
  5. Berlin low-floor articulated tram 9065 on fast line M10 on the street Invalidenstraße (2019)

Most commented photos

  1. Basel: Basel railcar 12 on extra line 17 the old final destination i Basel (1980)
  2. Basel: Basel extra line 17 the old final destination i Basel (1980)
  3. Aarhus: Aarhus railcar 8 on tram line 2 in the intersection Nørreport/Nørregade/Knudrisgade/Nørrebrogade (1955-1960)
  4. Amsterdam: Prague railcar 352 on museum line 30 at the final destination Noorddammerlaan (1989)
  5. Hamburg: Berlin railcar 3487 in Hamburg
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