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  1. Zagreb railcar 446 on tram line 7 on the road Maksimirska cesta (2008)
  2. Bydgoszcz railcar 284 on tram line 3 at the stop Marszalka Ferdynanda Focha (2004)
  3. Stockholm railcar 357 near Bandhagen
  4. Saint-Étienne railcar 511 on tram line T1 in the square La place du Peuple
  5. Frankfurt am Main articulated tram 804 on extra line V (Messe) at the stop Hauptbahnhof (1990)

Most commented photos

  1. Basel: Basel railcar 12 on extra line 17 the old final destination i Basel (1980)
  2. Basel: Basel extra line 17 the old final destination i Basel (1980)
  3. Aarhus: Aarhus railcar 8 on tram line 2 in the intersection Nørreport/Nørregade/Knudrisgade/Nørrebrogade (1955-1960)
  4. Amsterdam: Prague railcar 352 on museum line 30 at the final destination Noorddammerlaan (1989)
  5. Hamburg: Berlin railcar 3487 in Hamburg

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