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Budapest museum tram 611 at the depot Bodafok (2013)
Budapest (Hungary)
September 29, 2013
Mannheim articulated tram on Arad tram line 3 on the bridge Podul Tralian (2007)
Arad (Romania)
June 17, 2007
Potsdam low-floor articulated tram 401 "Potsdam" on tram line 90 at the stop Hauptbahnhof (2002)
Potsdam (Germany)
July 2002
Hannover articulated tram 1508 on Budapest tram line 3 near Határ út (2002)
Budapest (Hungary)
Marz 28, 2002
Alexandria railcar 1224 in the intersection Omar Lotfy/Ahmed Ourabi
Alexandria (Egypt)
Budapest railcar 2015 on tram line 33 on Róbert Károly krt.
Budapest (Hungary)
Playing card: Bratislava articulated tram 7131 on tram line 13 in Bratislava
Bratislava (Slovakia)
Playing card: Budapest Game rules
Budapest (Hungary)
Playing card: Budapest low-floor articulated tram 2024 on tram line 6 in Budapest
Budapest (Hungary)
Playing card: Budapest railcar 3868 on tram line 2 in front of Országház
Budapest (Hungary)
Playing card: Debrecen articulated tram 506 on tram line 1 in Debrecen
Debrecen (Hungary)
Playing card: Debrecen railcar 1884 in Debrecen
Debrecen (Hungary)
Playing card: Innsbruck articulated tram 72 on tram line 3 in Innsbruck
Innsbruck (Austria)
Playing card: Szeged articulated tram 202 on tram line 4 in Szeged
Szeged (Hungary)

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