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Zürich railcar 1330 at the terminus ZOO (1990)
Zürich (Switzerland)
December 1990
Zürich snowplow 1924 at the depot Wiedikon (1989)
Zürich (Switzerland)
November 1989
Zürich railcar 1415 on tram line 5 at the terminus ZOO (1984)
Zürich (Switzerland)
September 30, 1984
Zürich railcar 1543 on tram line 2 at the depot Oerlikon (1982)
Zürich (Switzerland)
Marz 13, 1982
Zürich railcar 1019 on museum line Zoo-Tram near Bahnhof (1981)
Zürich (Switzerland)
August 18, 1981
Zürich articulated tram 1802 on tram line 2 in Zürich
Zürich (Switzerland)
Zürich railcar 1 in Zürich
Zürich (Switzerland)
Zürich railcar 1025 on tram line 6 at the terminus Hardturm
Zürich (Switzerland)

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