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There are 12 links about trams in Tampere (Finland).

Links about trams in Finland

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Private homepages

International Railway Journal (IRJ)
Language: English.

Railway Pro
Language: English.

Tram associations

Blickpunkt Straßenbahn
Language: English and German.

Suomen Raitiotieseura ry (Raitio)
Language: English and Finnish.

Svenska Spårvägssällskapet (SSS)
Language: Danish, English, Finnish, French, Icelandic and Italian.

Tram companies

Tampereen Ratikka
Language: English and Finnish.

Tram news

Finland: EU bank supports first tramway line in Tampere with EUR 150m loan
Language: English, Finnish, French and German.

Tram projects

Language: English and Finnish.

Tampere: Another reason to smile
Language: English.

Tampere. Raitiotie
Language: English and Finnish.

The tramline is Tampere’s greatest investment
By Anna-Maria Jaakkola.
Language: English and Finnish.

Trams for Tampere
Language: English.

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Line: Tampere tram line 3
Company: Tampereen Ratikka
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