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There are 11 links about trams in Saint Petersburg (Russia).

Links about trams in Russia

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Photo albums

By Robert Schwandl.
Language: English.

Private homepages

A Brief History of St. Petersburg's Trams
By Dasha Fomina.
Language: English.

Forlaget Din Bog Dragør: Sporvogn, Trolley, Bus
By Dines Bogø.
Language: Danish.

Saint Petersburg - Trams Russia
By Cardinal József Mindszenty.
Language: English.

St.-Petersburg Tram Collection (SPTC)
Language: Danish, English, Finnish, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

Strassenbahnen in Sankt-Petersburg
By Robert Leichsenring.
Language: German.

The GS Web Site
By Gábor Sándi.
Language: English.

Tourist Tram Route Launched In St. Petersburg
Language: English.
By Leif Spångberg.
Language: English and Swedish.

Tram companies

Language: Russian.

Language: Russian.

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Line: Saint Petersburg tram line 6
Company: Gorelektrotrans

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