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Links about trams in The Hague

There are 17 tram links in The Hague (Netherlands).


Hoftrammm Tramrestaurant
In Dutch and English.

Model trams

Haagse Module Groep (HMG)
By Maurice Permentier.
In Dutch, English and German.

Hespedamse Tramweg Maatschappij (HTM)
In Dutch.

Trams en Modeltrams
In Dutch.

Photo album

Foto's van HTM materieel en Den Haag
By Wim van Es.
In Dutch.

Private homepages

De digitale tram
In Dutch and English.

Haagse Tram Vrienden (HTV)
In Dutch and English.

PCC cars
By Gerard Scheltens.
In Dutch.

Rob's Transit Trips
In English.

In Dutch.

Trams in Den Haag
In Dutch and English.

In Dutch.

Tram associations

De Nederlandse Museummaterieel Database (NMMD)
In Dutch, English and German.

Nederlandse Vereniging van Belangstellenden in het Spoor- en tramwegwezen (NVBS)
In Dutch.

Tram blog

Speciale trams
By Nick Kennis kvk .
In Dutch.

Tram company

Haagsche Tramweg Maatschappij (HTM)
In Dutch, English and German.

Tram museum

Haags Openbaar Vervoer Museum (HOVM)
In Dutch.

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