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Links about trams in Basel

There are 19 tram links in Basel (Switzerland).


Restaurant Landhus
In German.

Restauranttram Dante Schuggi
By Tram-Oldtimer Basel.
In German.

Photo albums

New link: Chriggis Photo-Site
By Christian Brechbühl.
In German.

Jan L:s hemside
By Jan Lindahl.
In Swedish.

Straßenbahn - und Busbilder
By Andreas Wolter.
In German.

Tramfotografie aus Basel
By Guido Studer.
In German.

Private homepages

By Josef Pospichal.
In German.

Simplon Postcards
In English.

New link: Tram-bus-basel.ch
By Dominik Madörin.
In German.

Tram-Oldtimer Basel
By Actra AG.
In German.

New link: Tramforum Basel
By Stephan Schnider.
In German.

Unabhängige Basler Tram-Portal
By Guido Studer.
In German.

Verein Pro Birsigthalbahn (BTB)
By Roland Nauli.
In German.

Tram association

Tramclub Basel (TCB)
In German.

Tram companies

Baselland Transport (BLT)
In English and German.

Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB)
In English, French and German.

Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz (TNW)
In English and German.

Tram museums

New link: Club 1000
In German.

Tram-Museum Basel (TMB)
In German.

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