About Henrik Boye

About Henrik Boye

Henrik Boye has been a member of the Danish Tramway Historical Society since 1975.

Henrik Boye has traveled around the world to photograph trams since 1980.
The past several years he has visited about 25 tram cities a year.

Many new tram systems are being built in these years worldwide. Denmark, together with Albania and Iceland, are one of the few countries in Europe without a single tram city.

I hope that these pages can provide inspiration to visit a tram city since the best way to see and feel a city is from a tram. Trams are the best mode of public transport because trams are faster and can hold many more passengers than buses.

At the Danish Tramway Historical Society you can read about their trips to tram cities.

If you have questions or comments about Tram Travels, then send them to Henrik Boye.


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