Skjoldenæsholm railcar 587 (2003)

Photographer: Henrik Boye.
Date: May 31, 2003.
City: Skjoldenæsholm (Denmark).

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Tram Museum Skjoldenæsholm
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Skjoldenæsholm railcar 587 (ex Copenhagen railcar 587), manufacturer Københavns Sporveje (KS), type Bogiemotorvogn, series 501-618, width 2.02 m, length 12.30 m, manufactured 1930-1941, with 28 seats and 39 standing places, signed line 6 Ålholmplads.

Skjoldenæsholm railcar 275 (ex Copenhagen railcar 275), manufacturer Scandia, type Hovedtype, width 2.10 m, length 8.90 m, manufactured 1901-1910, with 20 seats and 26 standing places, 2 axles, signed line 1 Vanløse.


With decorations Trolley Museum Skjoldenæsholm 25th anniversary.

Skjoldenæsholm railcar 587 (2003)

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