Postcard: Ulm tram line 1 with railcar 16 at Staufenring (1952)

Stop: Staufenring.
Archive: Henrik Boye.
Photographer: W. Bormann.
Publisher: Ulm/Neu-Ulmer Nahverkehrsfreunde.
Date: September 1952.
City: Ulm (Germany).

The picture shows

Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm (SWU)

1Ulm tram line 1: Söflingen - Böflingen

Ulm railcar 16 (ex Ulm railcar 27), manufacturer Dortmund Union/Bergmann, series 24-28, manufactured 1925, in the direction of Söflingen, painted Strassenbahnen Der Stadt Ulm, with advertising of 'Persil', interconnected with:
Ulm sidecar 62 (ex Ulm sidecar 68), manufacturer Linke-Hofmann (LH), series 66-70.


TW 16 (ex. TW 27)
Bj. 1925, ausgemustert 1965, Dortmunder Union/Bergmann, Serie 24-28
BW 62 (ex.68)
Bj. 1929, Linke-Hoffmann, ex. Serie 66-70, ausgemustert 1964-66 am Staufenring bei Wieland-Werke (Linie 1), 09/1952

Info: Ulm/Neu-Ulmer Nahverkehrfreunde
Scheffeltgasse 10
89077 Ulm

Postcard: Ulm tram line 1 with railcar 16 at Staufenring (1952)

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