Brussels Tram Museum (MSVB/MTUB)

Open regularly

City: Brussels (Belgium).
Total route length: 29.4 km (18.3 miles).

Track gauge: 1435 mm (standard gauge).
Opened: 1982.
Closed: 2007 because of rebuilding.
Reopened: 2009.
Closed: October 26, 2020 because of COVID-19.
Reopened: December 5, 2020.


Museum voor het Stedelijk Vervoer te Brussel / Musée du Transport Urbain Bruxellois (MSVB/MTUB).

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Tram companies in Brussels

Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company (MIVB/STIB)

The National Company of Light Railways in Belgium (NMVB/SNCV)

Other tram museums in Brussels

Musée Privé de Documentation Ferroviaire (MUPDOFER)
Closed permanently

Tram lines in operation

Brussels Tourist Tramway

See the official route map.

Current trams at the museum

Articulated tram: 4032, 7500, and 7724.

Horse tram: 7.

Open horse tram: 31.

Open sidecar: 289, and 509.

Railcar: 72, 346 "California", 410, 415, 428, 484, 830, 984, 1002, 1259, 1291, 1295, 1305, 1376, 1763, 5001, 5008, 5016, 7093, 7126, and 10485.

Sidecar: 2004.

Former trams at the museum

Railcar: 43, and 201.

Indicative opening hours

Saturdays and Sundays

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Depot de Woluwe
Avenue de Tervueren 364B
1150 Sint-Pieters-Woluwe

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Museum voor het Stedelijk Vervoer te Brussel /
Musée du Transport Urbain Bruxellois (MSVB/MTUB)

Language: Dutch, English, French, German.

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Last updated: March 13, 2023.