Odense Letbane

City: Odense (Denmark).

Track gauge: 1435 mm (standard gauge).
Opened: 2021.


Odense Letbane opens in September 2021 between Tarup and Hjallese.

Tram companies in Odense

Odense Letbane
Odense Sporveje (OS) (closed)

Current trams in operation

Odense Letbane
Low-floor articulated tram: 01 "Brunneren", 03 "Friheden", 04 "Kompasset", 05 "Horisonten", 08 "Pusterummet", 10 "Hjemkomsten", 14 "Pusterummet", 15 "Hjemkomsten", 16 "Strømmen".

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Odense Letbane
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