Dopravní podnik měst Mostu a Litvínova (DPMML)

Track gauge: 1000 mm (meter gauge).
Opened: December 7th, 1901.
Closed: Marz 24th, 1961.

Track gauge: 1435 mm (standard gauge).
Opened: November 28th, 1955.

5 existing lines

The tram network in daytime
Extra line: 1 and 3.
Tram line: 2 and 4.
See the tram network in daytime which is 54.9 km long.

The tram network at night
Tram line: 40.
See the route at night.

Disused lines

Extra line: 7.
Tram line: 5.

Current trams in operation

Low-floor articulated tram: 202.
Railcar: 174, 205, 211, 244, 245, 257, 260, 275, 302, 303, 310.

Earlier trams in operation

Railcar: 45.

Dopravní podnik měst Liberce a Jablonce nad Nisou (DPMLJ)
Railcar: 45.

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Dopravní podnik měst Mostu a Litvínova (DPMML)

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