About Henrik Boye

About Henrik Boye

Henrik Boye has been a member of the Danish Tramway Historical Society since 1975. He has traveled around the world to take photos of streetcars, trolleys, trams, and light rails since 1980. He has visited about 25 tram cities every year for the past several years.

Many new tram systems are being built worldwide during these years. In Denmark alone, three cities will get trams within a few years. In Europe, it is almost only Albania and Iceland that do not have a single tram city. Trams are thus a widely used mode of transportation.

I hope this website can provide inspiration for visiting a tram city since the best way to see and feel a city is from a tram. Trams are the best means of public transportation as trams and light rails arrive faster and can contain far more people in comparison to buses. At the Danish Tramway Historical Society (SHS), you can read more about their trips to tram cities.

If you have any questions or comments (rice or praise) about the website, then send them to me. I am also happy to present your pictures of streetcars, trolleys, trams, or light rails here on the site. Please contact me first if you want to use any of the existing tram photos.

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Henrik Boye
Vognmarken 9
6200 Aabenraa
DK - Denmark

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