Photos from Crich Tramway Village

There are 35 tram photos from Crich Tramway Village.

Motorvogn 812 på linjen.
September 1980
Motorvogn 510 på linjen.
Open balcony, displaying the "white" route livery. The car is passing a bandstand, originally instal.
On the left is a tram stop sing from Leeds and the tower in the background is Chich Stand, a war mem.
One of the tram depots.
'Town End' to depart for Glory Mine.
The tram shelter is from Birmingham.
Waits on the depot fan to enter service if needed.
Motorvogn 102 på museumspladsen.
Glory Mine terminus, 810 ft. above sea level.
The Derwent Valley is in the background.
Wakebridge halfway point and passing place.
Motorvogn fra the Third Avenue Transit Corporation har kørt mange år i Wien.
The first tramcar acquired for preservation by the museum, Southampton Corporation 45.
As an open-topper and seen here in the final totally-enclosed condition in which it traversed the st.
"Toast Rack" Tramcar 166.
"Toast Rack" motorvogn  166 på museumspladsen.
Two Glasgow Tramcars pass at Town End.
Seen here on the crossover at the National Tramway Museum, Crich, Derbyshire.
Motorvogn 22 og 1282 ved Bowes Lyon bridge.
Motorvogn 189 fra Sheffield på linjen.
A busy scene outside the Emporium shop.
Sunderland 100 på linjen.
This car was restored in London by the London County Council Tramways Trust Group.
Emporium Booksshop and Café.
Glory Mine terminus.
Return journey from Glory Mine.
The first double-deck tramcar to arrive at the National Tramway Museum, Crich, in 1959.
This car was restored in Liverpool by the '869 Group' of the Merseyside Tramway Preservati.
Booksshop on the right is a Hexagonal Post-box from Manchester.
On the traverser prior to being placed in the Exhibition Hall.
Motorvogn 510 ved Bowes-Lyon Bridge.
Motorvogn 1282 ved Bowes-Lyon Bridge.
Wilkinson vertical-boiled steam tramway locomotive.
To sporvogne ved Bowes-Lyon Bridge.
PCC tramcar 1147. På museumspladsen.
The Village is home to a collection of over 60 tramcars from Britain and around the world.

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